Morning Pages

For those who are familiar with “The Artist’s Way”, are familiar with morning pages.  It’s a daily exercise where you write 3 pages of unedited, stream-of-consciousness.  It takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on your writing speed.  I am not committed to writing everyday, but in an ideal world, it happens.

Here’s a little excerpt from a couple mornings ago.  It’s a little motivation for myself.  This is not easy to share.  I do not take words like artist or creator lightly.  I need to practice taking my own advice.

Action. Action. Action. Sitting on the couch watching TV is comfortable, but I will be even more comfortable if I get my work done. My creative work. I am an artist. Embrace my creative energy.  My creative power. My creative being. Honor and respect it. It is my channel to the high power. Creation. That is my definition of God. Not a man in the sky. Not a church. Not a religion. Creation is the force. It is behind everything. Embrace the power that is being channeled through you. You are a powerful, creative being!  Lead yourself. Begin there. You know what to do. You know what you need to do, more than anyone else. Trust yourself. Trust your channel to Creation.


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