Collaboration is key.  Not only in filmmaking, but in our everyday lives.  To live to our fullest potential and reap the healthiest experience in life, it is not done alone.  We rely on inspiration from everyone’s creativity.  As I share stories of our community, I also wish to improve it.

This page will grow from inspiration found in images, blogs, links, fellow artist’s projects, and volunteer opportunities that better the lives of others.

 TRIGGER – A Short Film by Christopher Folkens

Go to  Filmmaker Christopher Folkens is creating a film in support of suicide prevention and awareness.  My friend, Chris, a brilliant up-and-coming director, is making a powerful difference in the world with his story-telling.  Please support this important project with your tax-deductible donation.  Deadline to reach goal: Sept. 9th!



AIDS Lifecycle

I will be volunteering as a Rider on the AIDS Lifecycle in June, 2015.81855_1339714327.444



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