NearLife Productions by John Sobrack

Creating film and music projects that reveal the joys and complexities of the LGBT community, of the human experience, and how, amongst such diversity, all humans fundamentally share the same desires and needs.

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Terrified, but not stopping

I am feeling terrified of the future.  This is a common thread of my life. So much so, that I often find comfort in the terror.  At least if I embrace the fear, then I can usually be certain that I will at least be right about the outcome.  “Ah-ha!Read More…


Yeah, Indie-go-go.  I need to do this.

30 days

I sent out my first email today asking for donations.  Still figuring out this whole crowd-funding thing.  I know it would be best to do an Indie-Go-Go or GoFundMe campaign. I guess I was sheepish, since I’m asking after the film has been completed.  Usually the crowd-funding comes first.  I’mRead More…


Join me as I learn and expand my knowledge and experience in film making.   I am embracing the word “artist” to describe myself.  I am a director, writer, and producer.  I am a painter, actor, singer, lyricist, husband, benefits administrator (by day), and a genuinely good person committed toRead More…

My purpose is to inspire others by example; to move people to become the best that they can be. To encourage others to love themselves and to share that love, their truth, with everyone around them.